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Dr. Alexander Lentz


For more than fifteen years, I have been developing tailor-made solutions to resolve labour law issues for my clients. For companies as well as for executives. Always with a focus on sector-specific aspects. For listed companies, SMEs and start-ups. On a national level or with reference to jurisdictions in other countries. I handle matters ranging from individual employee termination disputes up to complex collective bargaining agreements for several thousand employees.

Getting the best results for my clients quickly and efficiently is always my primary goal in any kind of dispute resolution. However, should legal proceedings become necessary, clients can also rely on my longstanding litigation experience, including successfully winning several landmark decisions before the German Federal Labour Court.


In general, the fees for my services are charged according to the time spent on the matter. An initial estimate of fees in advance as well as continuous cost monitoring are integral components of my fair and transparent pricing model. Alternative pricing models such as fixed fees may be agreed upon, if appropriate to the case. However, for litigation matters I am bound at least to the minimum fees based on the respective amount in dispute as set forth in the RVG (German Law on the Remuneration of Attorneys).